2003 – Announcement: 

WordPress 0.7 (initial) Version 0.7  Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little fork b2.

Today, it's a common, every day thing to blog . But, it was HUGE at the time !

Immediately, you were a journalist, publisher, PR, HR, with a voice, speaking to

a worldwide audience at the push of a buttion - while sitting on the couch !

It was a great vehicle used in/with TechWealth's start in 2008. And, it's been our website vehicle to this day. 

The scene today has WordPress still the number one blogging/publishing platform.

The tech behind it is a combination of the original design, and the latest from today.

TechWealth.net is on a brand new integration, coinciding with our initial preview,

We've been newly bootsrapped, Webhooked, API'd and minified !

We look forward to some web socials with the communities and people that are WordPress. And, we look forward to sharing the great resources from the new information technology platforms of July 2019.

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