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Welcome to TechWealth

Coming out of development in 2019, we find the people involved even more interesting as the technologies they work with. We look forward to sharing both. We proudly offer a preview with enthusiasm to begin sharing our progress, with you !

Nov 2019 marks our first opportunity for others to share and Participate

About TechWealth

Founded in 2008 for one purpose -> using technology to help students achieve success in the field of their choice. Offered to students by a simple coin of phrase.

"Look down that line in the path towards your success", "How might IT help you get there?". It poses a very diverse variety of responses. Our work in technology is equally diverse..

Our Mission


Our website has been recently revamped, along with the previews we share. We'll be adding program specifics in our labs and projects sections soon.


These projects and programs have new features, designed with a variety of different opportunities of participation.


Sharing further details of our efforts to make both Tech and Wealth the very best in every sense of the two words - for students and their communities.

Current Projects

We have many previews in progress to unveil. Along with many new opportunities to share and participate, including...

Previews of our new website, tech, labs, projects, FAQ, platform integrations, community/social share groups, and many more set to arrive in the near future.


Austin TX USA