Progress through Effort

& Build

There are a good variety of new IT advancements which bridge the gap in areas of a student’s path towards success.

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TechWealth™ Projects

IT Resource and Reward through IT Values and Returns

Student Technologies℠

Helping students with technologies to learn and succeed with.

IT Values and Returns℠

Through our Labs and other external sources. Results from test and try efforts with IT sciences.

IT Resource and Reward℠

Abilities and opportunities available to scope and build with. Creating polished core functions for corporate, private, or public use.

Our Mission Shout

!! Share The Wealth !!℠

Not a cry of demand but a yell with an offer to share!

🎓Students and Lifelong Learners💼

Vast riches are to be had in them there tech hills! But, you're gonna have to dig⛏ for it!
As long as you are willing and able to put forth the effort required, it is our pledge to do everything in our abilities to get you a good chunk of your very own💰