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  • Greets and Samples

    Microsoft Teams Events Sample Featuring CYBER MONGOL

    Microsoft Teams events sample featuring CYBER MONGOL. More Teams events coming soon.

  • Spur of the Moment Event Teams

    Including Teams Events for Later

    Creating a Microsoft Team quickly with ephemeral/temporary attributes such as, "this team will end along with the event", "further conversation and opportunities around the event are available by subscription only (It's free, just click subscribe to let us know you would like to stay a while afterwards)". Teams events for later. Where a good lunch is worth the price of admission alone.

  • Microsoft Intro Portals

    Higher EDU Intro Portal

    .Here's a demo comparing a Microsoft intro portal with a complete, customized, website - highlighting the ability to get started quickly. The Microsoft portal was created simply by adding just a few pictures and words.

  • Work in progress

    Area in progress.

  • Work in progress

    Area in progress.